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  1. Our first radio program!

    Producer Emma Hitzke will be talking about Women in filmmaking and “BEE” tomorrow Monday November 28, 2011 on the radio. Listen to her live on KVMR (89.5 FM) or on the Web at 8:00 pm PST. Or you can catch the Podcast later on the same Website.


  2. Great news: BEE is part of the official selection at the 2012 Wild and Scenic Film Festival. It’s one of the largest environmental film festival in the US. The film will premiere mid January in Nevada City, CA.


  3. I met with Andrew Bower from Red Dog Records this weekend to work on the audio post production of the short film BEE. He was the location sound mixer on the set and now he does the audio post-production. He has been working really hard on the audio. Why work so hard on the audio?  Audio post production is key to make a film look great: it’s all about those details to make you feel that the dialogs were all recorded in the same take, that the bees are near you buzzing. That’s how you completely immerse the audience in the film and the story.


  4. Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

    Thanks for the great support on reaching our goal on Kickstarter for the film BEE!

    Here’s a great blog, full of advice to run a succesful Kickstarter campaign:


  5. Breeda Wool is in the New York Times!

    Exciting news: Breeda, who plays the young entomologist in BEE, is in the New York Times today.

    Our Kickstarter campaign ends in only 10 days and we’re at 66% of our funding goal. Please pass the link to the Kickstarter page to all your friends. (

    Remember: The film will get funded only if we reach 100%!

    Breeda Wool in "AWOL"


  6. In the editing room with Daniel last weekend, I realized I was missing a couple of shots to make the story flow better. We filmed them last night with Mike and with Emma as our hand model. We shot the close ups of the envelope with the pesticide label and the amarillo. In filmmaking jargon, it’s called a pick up shot.


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  8. And here’s the poster for BEE. It was made by French artist Celine Caneparo.


  9. Since we didn’t have too much sunshine during the filming of BEE, we went out again on Thursday evening to get a few sunset shots and bee close-ups. The close-ups of bees I wanted to get have been hard to film. So we will have to go again and film next week…


  10. Editor: Daniel Raj Koobir

    I’m now in post-production and I’m so excited to have Daniel Raj Koobir edit BEE. The features and shorts he edited went to the Sundance Film Festival, to the Berlin International Film Festival, to IFC Films, etc… He has a great sense for film narrative.

    Check out his beautiful reel:


  11. It’s a Wrap!

    We just wrapped three days of a fantastic shoot for the short film BEE. It went really well, and I enjoyed every moment of this creative process. Actually, I was so absorbed, I didn’t even take one single picture of the set. But the others have. I will share some photos soon. The cast and crew (16 people) were fantastic. We ended up the 3 days feeling “WOW, we’ve done something great.” Thanks again to all of you who worked on this project!!!


  12. Cinematographer: Autumn Durald

    I’m thrilled Autumn Durald will be the DP on the shortfilm BEE. She has a real artistic eye.

    I saw her work in “Guerilla Gardens” by Rafael Palacio-Illingworth at the LA Shorts Fest last year. Make sure you check her reel:

    And also check her photos on her site!


  13. Actress: Breeda Wool

    Breeda Wool will play the role of Christine, the young entomologist. I met her at Sundance ‘11 when she was supporting the excellent short film “AWOL” directed by Deb Shoval. Breeda had one of the lead roles in it. She’s very impressive on screen. To find out about her other films, please check her iMDB page:


  14. Actor: Frank Ashmore

    Another reason to be happy: Frank Ashmore will play Ed the beekeeper. He really stood out in the auditions I did. He’s very talented, and I’m sure you’ve seen him on the large screen or the small screen. Check his bio on iMDB:


  15. Casting

    I just had 2 days casting session in Los Angeles. I worked with the casting director Balyndah Bumpus from “Bump It Casting.” About 400 actors sent their headshot and resume for the parts of Sam, Ed and Mario. I ended up seeing about 60 actors on the first day and then made a call back session with a few actors and the lead actress. It was amazing to see the characters come to life through excellent acting. Some of the scenes were in Spanish. 

    I’m really glad I worked with Balyndah: the process was really smooth and I was able to identify amazing professional actors. I really recommend using a casting director even for a short film. Getting excellent actors is key.