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  1. Breeda Wool is in the New York Times!

    Exciting news: Breeda, who plays the young entomologist in BEE, is in the New York Times today.

    Our Kickstarter campaign ends in only 10 days and we’re at 66% of our funding goal. Please pass the link to the Kickstarter page to all your friends. (

    Remember: The film will get funded only if we reach 100%!

    Breeda Wool in "AWOL"


  2. Actress: Breeda Wool

    Breeda Wool will play the role of Christine, the young entomologist. I met her at Sundance ‘11 when she was supporting the excellent short film “AWOL” directed by Deb Shoval. Breeda had one of the lead roles in it. She’s very impressive on screen. To find out about her other films, please check her iMDB page:


  3. Casting

    I just had 2 days casting session in Los Angeles. I worked with the casting director Balyndah Bumpus from “Bump It Casting.” About 400 actors sent their headshot and resume for the parts of Sam, Ed and Mario. I ended up seeing about 60 actors on the first day and then made a call back session with a few actors and the lead actress. It was amazing to see the characters come to life through excellent acting. Some of the scenes were in Spanish. 

    I’m really glad I worked with Balyndah: the process was really smooth and I was able to identify amazing professional actors. I really recommend using a casting director even for a short film. Getting excellent actors is key.