1. BEE won the Best Dramatic Short Award!

  2. BEE is selected at the Sonoma International Film Festival in April!


  3. San Diego Latino Film Festival

    BEE is selected at the San Diego Latino Film Festival! The screening is set for Sunday March 18th, 2012 at 1:00pm.

  4. BEE Premier Showtimes

    Wild & Scenic Film Festival Update: BEE will be shown on Saturday January 14, 2012 at the Vets Hall and on Sunday January 15 at Masons. Both screenings are in the afternoon. And here’s what the festival says: “We highly recommend that if you would like to see a particular film, please plan on arriving early at the theatre it’s showing at, and before the start of that session of films.” Details here:

  5. Our first radio program!

    Producer Emma Hitzke will be talking about Women in filmmaking and “BEE” tomorrow Monday November 28, 2011 on the radio. Listen to her live on KVMR (89.5 FM) or on the Web at 8:00 pm PST. Or you can catch the Podcast later on the same Website.


  6. Great news: BEE is part of the official selection at the 2012 Wild and Scenic Film Festival. It’s one of the largest environmental film festival in the US. The film will premiere mid January in Nevada City, CA.


  7. David E. Johnston is creating a beautiful animation for the end credits of BEE. He’s a great artist. With this the film will be complete. 

  8. We just completed the film! Andrew Bower spent countless hours working on the audio mix, Autumn Durald and Jeff Bierman worked on the color correction, JB Dunckel wrote a phenomenal score, and Daniel Raj Koobir edited it all together.

    I started submitting it to festivals. I will know by December where the film BEE gets picked-up. The first festivals will start in early 2012.

    (Photo: Scene at the Auburn Historic Sheriff Station)

  9. I met with Andrew Bower from Red Dog Records this weekend to work on the audio post production of the short film BEE. He was the location sound mixer on the set and now he does the audio post-production. He has been working really hard on the audio. Why work so hard on the audio?  Audio post production is key to make a film look great: it’s all about those details to make you feel that the dialogs were all recorded in the same take, that the bees are near you buzzing. That’s how you completely immerse the audience in the film and the story.


  10. Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

    Thanks for the great support on reaching our goal on Kickstarter for the film BEE!

    Here’s a great blog, full of advice to run a succesful Kickstarter campaign:


  11. Breeda Wool is in the New York Times!

    Exciting news: Breeda, who plays the young entomologist in BEE, is in the New York Times today.

    Our Kickstarter campaign ends in only 10 days and we’re at 66% of our funding goal. Please pass the link to the Kickstarter page to all your friends. (

    Remember: The film will get funded only if we reach 100%!

    Breeda Wool in "AWOL"


  12. In the editing room with Daniel last weekend, I realized I was missing a couple of shots to make the story flow better. We filmed them last night with Mike and with Emma as our hand model. We shot the close ups of the envelope with the pesticide label and the amarillo. In filmmaking jargon, it’s called a pick up shot.